Kindle Direct Publishing Mastery Course 3.0

We provide an online training course of step-by-step guidance and advice on how to publish ebooks for Kindle eReaders: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Mastery Course 3.0.

This training package comprises of 8 live webinar modules (each 60 minutes long) that are available to view in our online membership site at your convenience.

The 8-hour course covers these topics and more:
• Your Book Idea – Fiction & Non-Fiction (Market Research)
• How to create reader profiles to reach your target audience
• Your options for creating content
• Proofreading and editing your eBook
• How to format your eBook for Amazon Kindle
• Your options for creating a professional book cover
• How to set up Your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account
• How to submit your book to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Platform
• How to set up your Amazon Author Central account
• How to get Amazon reviews for your Kindle eBook
• How to run a successful KDP Select Book launch
• How to earn recurring income online from Amazon Kindle Publishing

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Lama’s presentations on Amazon Self Publishing can be summed up with one word: practical. Lama clearly presents all the tools needed, and how to use them, to actively comptete in the Kindle marketplace. Also, the fee charged for these sessions is nominal and is money well invested by the serious indie author. Likewise it is to the serious indie author that I would highly recommend Lama’s Amazon Self Publishing presentations
Denis Fitzpatrick


I’ve learned a lot from each of the workshops Lama has run on topics related to self-publishing via Amazon’s Kindle platform. As well as the basics, there are a lot of subtleties that Lama covers. She explains things well, and gives very practical advice. She is a firm believer in showing and demonstrating, rather than just telling you about something.
She has always come well-prepared, been able to handle very diverse groups of people with different needs and in different situations, yet been able to keep them all happy, from what I have observed.
Lama is always well prepared and well equipped with everything needed.
Luke Kendall

Writer, A Toe in the Ocean of Books