How to Successfully Choose Your Internet Marketing Mentor?

A mentor is a person, whether male or female, who shares their knowledge and experience with you and guide you in the right direction. In turn, you accept their knowledge, advice, feedback and analysis on how to achieve your targets.

Mentoring takes two forms online, Paid Mentoring and Free Mentoring.

Paid mentoring is when you pay a well known successful internet marketer to receive mentoring and guidance.

They basically take you under their wing; give you instructions, assignments, and an action plan. It is extremely important that you take action and complete the tasks assigned to you in the specified time. They check your work, offer advice, and monitor your progress.

However, you need to be extremely careful before committing yourself to a paid mentoring program. Choosing paid mentoring is as important as choosing your accountant or solicitor. Here are some tips to consider when choosing paid mentoring:

1. Word of mouth, just because you are new online it doesn't mean you can't ask around for recommendations. You can join some internet marketing forums and ask for recommendations. Do your own online research to find out more about the mentoring program you are willing to take on. Ask to get in contact with their previous customers, and check the mentors reputation.

2. Communications, Find out how often your mentor will communicate with you. Do you get one to one mentoring? Is the mentoring done through emails, phone calls or meetings? Do you feel this is sufficient for you, or you will need more communication?

3. Accessibility, How easy it is for you to get advice when you need it? Will they respond to your questions?

Free mentoring is available online and takes different forms. You can get free mentoring even from some of the top marketing gurus. Although it may not be one to one, it is an excellent way to get yourself on the right track, and keep you from losing your shirt.

There are different ways to get free mentoring, the most common ones are:

1. Newsletter subscription: You can choose to subscribe freely to an experts newsletter and get their tips and views for free.

2. Forums and Networks: You can join internet marketing forums. Learn from the experts, ask for advice and you will get excellent guidance.

3. Master mind groups: So many internet marketers form a master mind group, where they join forces and share knowledge with each other.

You may have the knowledge and experience in web design but have poor copy writing skills. You could join forces with a copy writer who lacks web design knowledge, you both exchange knowledge and advice Got the picture? Both of you may have another partner who is an expert in another area of internet marketing. Forming master mind groups is awesome. However it does take time and effort to choose the right people with the right knowledge and experience.

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