When you start your online business you may initially dip your feet into the pool with affiliate marketing but sooner or later you are going to take the plunge and create your own product.

This is a big step forwards and could potentially cost you a lot of time, effort and money before you see money flowing in to your account.

There are a number of keys to successful create your own product.

The first is to make sure there is a demand for your product. You could create the greatest product in the world, yet if no one wants to buy it you have wasted your time and money. If you want to make money from your product then you need to make sure there is a hungry market ready to buy it.

A simple way is to visit Amazon and look at the best selling books. This will give you an idea of what niches are popular at the moment.

Your next task is to create the product. You can either write the product yourself, which costs less but involves more work, or pay someone to write it for you, which will cost you money but free up your time.

If you are hiring someone to write the book for you then you need to make sure you set out exactly what you want and are expecting in detail with your ghost writer. You will undoubtedly hear many stories of people commissioning books and not getting what they expected. Ensure you include a clause regarding plagiarism in any ghost writing contract. You don't want to be selling your book and enjoying the earnings only to be sued by the person who owns the copyright on the book and lose everything.

Once you have your product created you need to take the next steps to promote your product, building a website, building traffic,

The advantage of creating your own product is you have flexibility. You can create the product and sell it; you can recruit affiliates; you can offer resale rights; you can make it viral. You can create a simple, cheap product to use as your front end and then create a more expensive back end product or market affiliate programs to your list. The options are endless and people make millions of dollars a year through their own products… and you could too.

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