Internet Marketing Glossary - Lama Jabr

Entering the realm of the internet from a business perspective can be daunting. The web is a parallel world, with its own protocols, customs, language and jargon. You need to be able to navigate through web jargon and converse using the language of the internet in order to set up and run an online business. Marketing is no exception: marketers need to be fluent in their understanding and use of internet terminology.
'The Internet Marketing Glossary' is published to meet marketers’ need for a phrase book in this area of work, cataloging around 350 terms in alphabetical order.
Getting to grips with the terminology defined in The Internet Marketing Glossary will help you communicate with clients, suppliers and customers, reducing the chances of misunderstanding, increasing efficiency and optimizing profits.
You will find also links next to some of the definitions. These links lead to products or services that successful internet marketers use routinely. These links often relate to free items, helpful online services or handy products with respect to improving the impact and success of your internet marketing activity. All the links in the ebook are active at the time of publication.
Take a short cut to fluency in the language of internet marketing. Download 'The Internet Marketing Glossary' NOW!

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Title: Internet Marketing Glossary – Kindle Edition
Author: Lama Jabr
Publisher: Xana Digital Publishing; First edition (March 2, 2013)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc
ISBN: 978-0-9874456-2-9
Language: English
Print Length: 131 pages