top_10_file_sharing_sitesWhen a person or website allows others to access the information they have stored digitally in various computer programs, eBooks’, or multimedia outlets such as images, audio, or video; the process is known as file sharing. The file sharing process can be conducted through the sharing of computer networks, servers, removable media and internet documents that have been hyperlinked or downloaded.

Although quite a few file sharing websites have popped up over the past decade we are going to list the top 10 you should check out first. We will begin our list with our 10th favorite file sharing website.

10. The Privacy Company – Mega






Mega starts our list in the 10 spot. Mega launched in January 2013. Any files stored on the Mega website are encrypted and the user has the ability to control it. This allows each user to determine who can share their files.

9. Uploading






Uploading makes our list at number 9. They offer mobile uploading accessibility and desktop uploading that is 10 times faster. The website is user friendly and growing in popularity. Working with your own files has never been easier.

 8. ZippyShare





ZippyShare makes our list at number 8. ZippyShare is 100% free with no download limits. You get up to 200MB of space per file and unlimited disk space. This file sharing website offers fast download speeds and requires no sign up. You can download the files when you want and as often as you want. 

7. Box 






Box is Number 7 on our list . This file sharing website allows users to upload content and organize it into the folders of their choosing. The user can then share those files with other users if they desire to do so. If the user wants to they can allow other users to edit content in their folders. A quality option indeed.

6. RapidShare






Number 6 on our list is RapidShare. Users have the opportunity to upload as much content as they want and even get a unique URL from the website. The user can then share that URL with anyone they choose. The basic account is free, but users have the option to upgrade should they so desire.

5. DepositFiles




DepositFiles makes our list at number 5. With unlimited storage and password protection this file sharing website is very nice. Sharing files has never been easier. The website displays flexibility and an eagerness to be your file hosting website. You can keep your files safe and organized and share them with others at your choosing

4. OneDrive





OneDrive makes our list at number 4. Sharing files and images with other users is easy. You can share files of any size and you won’t need some special program to do it. Get instant access to files from any mobile device. 

3. 4Shared






4Shared hits our list at number 3 and is one of the most popular file sharing sites on the net. Users can store their files and enjoy great features like file synchronizing. The user decides who can share their files and feels safe with the password protection service. 4Shared is ahead of the game. They make it easy for others to share your media content on the browser before downloading begins.

2. MediaFire





Number 2 on our list is MediaFire. This website offers free service for the hosting and sharing of files. If you want to upgrade your account you can do so. The user can share files from anywhere with this easy to use solution. By upgrading to a Professional or business account your limitations will be decreased.

1. Dropbox 







Number 1 on our list of the Top 10 File Sharing Websites is Dropbox. Dropbox is hugely popular offering file synchronizing and unlimited storage. This free service is user friendly making the process of file sharing a joy. You can use this service on your favorite mobile device or on your PC as well. It is supported by Mac, Linux and Windows. All you do is drop your files into a box and share it with those you choose too. You control who gets to share your files and your files are always safe.

Keep In Mind

Keep in mind that technology continues to evolve and many of these file sharing websites are looking for better ways to serve you. File sharing is important for business and social media needs. We are always seeking the fastest and most effective means of performing these tasks. Those file sharing websites that offer limitless space, file protection, and user friendly options will continue to show up on other Top 10 lists in the future.

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