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The way professionals freelance has changed over the years. The Internet age has opened up new highways for freelancers that seem to go on forever. The opportunities are nearly endless for writers, website designers, website developers, SEO/marketing professionals, and many other freelance careers as well. Here we have assembled the Top Ten Freelance Marketing Places on the Internet today. 

1.      Elance 





Nearly 2 million freelancers are at your beck and call on Elance. This is one of the most popular online employment platforms. Services include programming, graphic design, and writing. Employers can post job offers and then evaluate and select workers according to various criteria.


2.      ODesk







Developed in 2005 this freelance destination has consistently ranked as one of the most popular on the net. Clients from around the globe post new jobs and freelancers then apply for them. Many jobs pay a fixed price, but others pay by the hour.

3.      Freelancer




 It is believed that this freelance website may be the largest in existence. The freelancer can find numerous jobs in writing, website design, graphics and development. There are SEO/marketing jobs as well. Freelancers bid on the projects and the job could pay hourly or the price could be fixed.

4.      Guru







This is another freelance marketing place that is growing in popularity every day. Over a half million freelancers flock to this website to pursue jobs from programming to design. The site is easy to navigate and offers some pleasing features.

5.      Fiverr






This freelance site works a bit differently than the others. Here the freelancer posts gigs referencing what they can do for a client. The client than picks the gig that meets their needs. These gigs can pay from $5 and up.

6.      99 Designs





For the freelancer specializing in design this is the place you want to be. Freelancers can make hundreds of dollars per job and there is always plenty of work to be done. Many of the projects are competition based with prizes awarded to the winning design.

7.      People Per Hour







Both hourly and fixed jobs are available on this freelance marketing place. Features include ease of payment and project filtering. Freelancers can make their own introduction video to lure clients too.

8.      Design Crowd




Over 150,000 freelance graphic designers work from this freelance platform. The client posts their design project and interested designers provide them with samples. The client than chooses the design that fits their needs.

9.      GetACoder 





This freelance website is popular for programmers, writers, and web designers. Clients post their jobs for free and can choose the lowest bidder.

10.  Project 4 Hire




On this freelance site jobs are provided for qualified freelancers. Most of the jobs are for website developers, designers, programmers, and writers.

The Top Ten Freelance Marketing Places listed above are not the only such websites to be found on the Internet, but they are some of the most popular. Other freelance marketing places to explore would be iWriter, Freelance Writing, and Constant Content.

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